Terms of Services

Terms of Service

1 Subject of the transfer

The terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of apartments for accommodation and all other services and delivery of the house for the customer. Terms and conditions of the customer shall only apply if this has previously been expressly agreed in writing.
If the promised apartment is not available, the landlord is entitled to provide the tenant / user equivalent replacement, without the tenant can derive claims from this.

2 Cancellation period / period of use / obligation to register
A free cancellation of the customer from the contract concluded with the landlord requires the written consent of the landlord. If this is not the case, the agreed price from the contract is also payable if the customer does not make use of contractual services and a subletting is no longer possible. Unless otherwise agreed, the following cancellation fees are due in case of cancellation of reservations by the renter:
From the 30th day before the planned arrival 80% of the ordered / reserved services

from the 3rd day before the planned arrival 100% of the ordered / reserved services

If the tenancy is to be extended, this must be requested in writing and will be confirmed by the landlord if available.
The renter / user undertakes to register with the competent authority for a period of more than 60 days (secondary residence). The tenant / user is also explicitly obliged to register with the landlord. In case of breach of this duty or in the case of any other behavior that prevents a mandatory registration, the landlord is entitled to extraordinary and immediate termination of the contract.
A right to terminate the lease is only possible for leases with a contract term of at least one month. A termination of the lease can only be made in writing and at the earliest after an uninterrupted rental period of 30 nights with a notice period of 14 days. Should the agreed minimum stay be fallen below by the cancellation, the respective valid price is calculated according to the price list for the entire stay. If the notice period is not adhered to, the next rental payment automatically becomes due and the contract remains in force until it is duly terminated in writing within the specified period. In case of early departure within the cancellation period, no refund of the payment will be made.
A change of the user during the term is permitted only with the consent of the landlord.

3 payment
The landlord is entitled, upon conclusion of the contract or thereafter, taking into account the legal provisions for package holidays, to demand a reasonable advance payment or security. The amount of the advance payment and the dates as well as other due dates can be agreed in writing in the contract.
The user fee must be paid in advance on the account of the landlord each month in advance, at the latest on the third working day of a month.
Should the tenant / user take advantage of additional services and the costs reach the amount of € 250 for, the landlord is entitled to create an interim invoice.


4 liability
The lessee, if applicable the undersigned company, is liable for the payment of the contractually agreed amount and the damage caused by the user, his visitors, or other third parties in the apartment. Damages or defects in the leased apartment are to be reported to the landlord immediately. The liability of the landlord is governed by the statutory provisions of §§ 701 to 703 of the Civil Code (BGB). Liability for other reasons is excluded.


5 Other provisions
Place of fulfillment and payment is Dortmund for both sides.
German law applies.
Place of jurisdiction in commercial transactions for all disputes between the parties resulting from the contractual relationship is Dortmund.
Collateral agreements, changes and additions to the contract are only effective if agreed in writing. The same applies to promises, consents, renunciations and comparisons of all kinds.
Should individual provisions of the contract, including the terms and conditions, be ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties shall immediately replace the ineffective provisions with those effective ones that come as close as possible to the intended purpose and its economic significance.